Advenio eAcademy, Malta

Established in 2013, Advenio eAcademy is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) based in Malta, (NCFHE Licence number: 2013-FHI-0006) which caters for an international clientele of discerning educational service providers and learners.

Advenio eAcademy provides the opportunity for participating educational institutions and training organisations to move beyond the constraints of physical premises. It allows them to embrace a virtual campus which allows for the development and deployment of state-of-the-art educational and training programmes that really add value to the students.

It is the first organization in Malta, licensed by the NCFHE whose services are based on online learning. The e-learning platform used is the award winning EBLearn solution developed and maintained by E-Business Systems, the web solutions arm of AllSecure Ltd. EBLearn provides resource libraries, audio-visual and video presentations, forum and wiki capabilities, and integrates video conferencing facilities to allow for one-to-one or one-to-many coaching or tutorial sessions.

This site introduces AeA & its ambitious plans to bring together various higher education institutes and educational organisations to create international virtual &blended learning programmes that are recognised within the EU.

The mission statement defines the organisation’s scope and commitment:-

“Advenio eAcademy is committed to the design, development and implementation of quality, certified and non-certified, on-line and blended learning courses in Entrepreneurship and related fields. These programmes are designed to provide executives in the SME sector with EU recognised qualifications and quality courses that assist them in the running of their businesses and demonstrate their competence and professionalism.

 Advenio eAcademy develops local and international collaborations with Higher Education Institutes, professional bodies, NGOs and private sector firms, to develop  customised  elearning  solutions  which  meet the requirements of specific market segments and user groups.”

For further details on subscription to the e-learning solutions offered by the academy, contact us at or call us on +356 2134 2704 / +356 79208029.

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