ARPEL4Entrep Stage 3: Final Project

The ARPEL4Entrep Stage 3: Final Project is a research-based activity to be undertaken after successful completion of Stages 1 and 2 of the programme. Students will work independently to identify research interests, gaps in knowledge, explore hypotheses and develop a business research project. The Business Research Project will allow students to hone their analytical and investigative skills by participating in an active research project under a faculty advisor to produce usable data sets, public presentations, and abstracts suitable for publication.

The following are examples of broader categories that are considered to be suitable for a scholarly ARPEL4Entrep Stage 3: Final Project:

  • Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship;
  • Development of entrepreneur friendly environments;
  • SME start-up and growth;
  • SME life cycles;
  • Ethics and Corporate governance in the context of SME operations;
  • Family business;
  • Not-for profit SME organisations;
  • International business development for SMEs;
  • Legal structures as vehicles for entrepreneurial growth and development;
  • Other areas directly related to the set-up, growth, and development of SMEs.

Knowledge at the end of the module:
1. An understanding of research ethics in the methodology and nature of the study being investigated;
2. An understanding of the use of the scientific method in the context of empirical research; its advantages and limitations;
3. An understanding of the distinctions between quantitative and qualitative research and their relevance to the SME;
4. An understanding of the basic concepts of intellectual property and how this applies when referring to third party research.

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