University of Zilina, Slovakia

The history of the University of Žilina (UNIZA) began on 1 September 1953 when the University of Railway Transport was founded by separating from the Czech Technical University in Prague. It gradually became an important pillar of education in the fields of transport, which resulted in the change in the name to the University of Transport. It was moved to Žilina in 1960 where it underwent many transformations, and in 1980 it was renamed again as the University of Transport and Communications. In 1996, after broadening its fields of interest and other organisational changes, it was renamed the University of Žilina.

At present there are about 10,000 students being educated at seven faculties in 225 accredited fields of study in all forms and degrees of university studies at the University. In its over 60 years of successful existence it has become the alma mater for more than 70,000 graduates, highly skilled professionals specialising mostly in transport and technical fields as well as in management, marketing or humanities. The quality and readiness of our graduates for the needs of practice is proved by long-term high interest in hiring them by employers that cooperate with the University in the recruitment process.

In the field of science and research, our University participates in 200 national and 41 international scientific projects and organises about 60 scientific and professional events annually. There were two new significant work places established within the Operational Programme Research and Development in 2013 – University Science Park and Research Centre.

Results of science and research activities of the University have an important influence not only on the educational activities but also on the development of international cooperation or interconnection with practice. One of the proofs of successful transfer of science and research results into practice is the Award for Technology Transfer for the team of authors from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Žilina.

The cooperation with foreign universities and institutions is crucial for our University. The University has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with more than 150 foreign partners and it belongs to the most successful universities within the Erasmus Programme, both in the number of seconded staff and students. It successfully participated in the student mobility programmes with Brazil and Korea in 2014.

Students of the University of Žilina study in modern and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories centralised on the complex and modern university campus at Veľký Diel, located in quiet surroundings nearby a forest park but at a reasonable walking distance from the accommodation facilities as well as the historical centre of Žilina.

University of Žilina has a burning ambition to continue in dynamic growth, to provide high quality education, to educate well-prepared and demanded graduates, to develop international cooperation both in science and education; however, its major aim is primarily to provide space and opportunities for the young generation to discover new, to broaden horizons, to learn how to cooperate, communicate and respect each other.

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