Programme Fees & Scholarships

Erasmus + Co-funded ARPEL4Entrep offers 40 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INTAKE 1*.

Programme Fees – Online Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship

         Stage 1: ARPEL Process

               Step 1: Self Evaluation

               Step 2: Submission of Supporting documents
                                                                    Total fee for Step 1 & 2 – € 240
               Step 3: Confirmation & Evaluation
               Step 4: Review & Validation
                                                                    Total fee for Step 3 & 4 – €1,220

             Total fee in Stage 1 of ARPEL Process- €1,460

             Stage 2: Subject Modules (8 out of 10 Subject Modules) €690*8  = € 5,520

             Stage 3: Final project – € 1,590

             Total fee for Online Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship programme – € 8,570 (Full Scholarships Available*)

 Re-evaluation & Re-sit Fees:

 If the student gets less than 74 ECTS – € 250 (within a period of 12 months)

 If the student gets more than 74 ECTS – € 50 (within a period of 12 months)

 Subject Modules – € 50
 Final Project – € 250

 One time Deposit Fee: € 500*

Full Scholarships Available!

Use your Prior Learning & Experience as the basis to complete an EU EQF accredited online 180 ECTS Credit Level 6 Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. With a minimum of FOUR years of work experience in an SME environment You get the chance to commence the programme and complete the first two steps of the Accreditation & Recognition of Prior Experiences & Learning (ARPEL) process. This involves your identification and documentation of your prior learning and experience.

Once the first two steps are completed, the system will compute an estimate of the number of ECTS credits to be earned through the ARPEL process. After the Evaluation and Validation those who obtain more than 74 ECTS* credits, can apply for the full scholarship to complete the online Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship designed for BUSY entrepreneurs.  Applicants that are not successful in this scholarship application will be invited to participate in the following intake for which partial scholarships will also be available.

 The programme is co-funded by Erasmus+ and comprises:

 Stage 1 – ARPEL process: Steps 1 – 4 including online interviewing and evaluation to be completed prior to 31/12/2021. Click here to start the ARPEL process today.

 Stage 2 – Subject course modules: a selection of 8 out of 10 subjects commencing Jan 2022 -Duration 48 weeks

 Stage 3 – Final research project: practical research project to launch or grow the business commencing Jan 2023 – Duration 24 weeks

 FORTY full scholarships each worth c. Eur8,600 are available for the forty highest ranked applicants on a First Come First Served basis*.

 *Note: Applicants should complete ARPEL Steps 1 & 2 and apply for Scholarships by 31st October 2021. The ARPEL Consortium shall be the final arbiter on decisions regarding the scholarship details. Successful candidates will be asked to place a deposit of €500 which will be refunded on their completion of the programme irrespective of the results. Students who do not complete the programme will forfeit this deposit.

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